Help Me 2 Learn Company

Help Me 2 Learn Company is a developer of education software and games.

Best software by Help Me 2 Learn Company

Spanish 1a with Phonics is a unique educational program.
Super Star Phonics - Vowels
The application covers the short and long vowel sounds.
Beginning Math
build the foundation for success in reading and math.

Popular programs by Help Me 2 Learn Company

Letters and Numbers
Letters and Numbers features 11 sing-along songs and 15 two-level activities.
Phonics Vowel Games
Phonics 1a is a beginning Phonics and Reading program that covers vowel sounds.
Super Star Phonics 2a - Intermediate Level
Phonics 2a is one of the best interactive phonics CD-ROMs on the market!
Super Star Phonics Reading System is a bundle that contains 4 products.
Super Star Phonics 3a - Advanced Level
Phonics 3a helps students learn to read and have a wonderful time doing it.

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